Alaska Miner Variety AMRH-3

Images courtesy of Ira & Larry Goldberg

Pick-Up Points

Both pick-up points must be present to confirm the die variety.
The pick blade droops, and touches the final A in ALASKA at its intersection of the crossbar and right upright.
The 1 in the fraction is southeast of the right tip of a leaf.
Images courtesy of Ira & Larry Goldberg

Rarity 7
Medal turn.
Plain edge.
Weight: 0.8gm
Diameter: 12.3mm
6 tiny stars
No period after E in AYPE
No ribbon at base of wreath
No berries on wreath
Obverse die shared with AMRH-4.
Reverse die shared with AMRH-2.
Equivalents: Bruce-Alaska-X#Tn3, Gould-Bressett 164, Locke (2001) 1st of nine depicted.

Die States

Die State 1.0