Alaska Indian Octagonal Variety AIOD-2

Images courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Pick-Up Point

AIOD-2 is the sole Head Right Alaska Indian Octagonal One die variety.
On the other die marriage (AIOD-1), the Indian faces left.

Rarity 5
Head right
16 stars
Coin turn
Plain edge.
Diameter: 12mm
Obverse die shared with CIOD-2 and CIOD-3.
Reverse die shared with AIOD-1.
Equivalents: Bruce-Alaska X#Tn6, Burnie-4 (page 75), Gould-Bressett 135, HK-844, Locke (2001) N/L.

Die States

Die State 1.0
Die State 2.0
Die State 3.0