Alaska Indian Round Variety AIRD-3

Images courtesy of Stack's-Bowers
In terms of its design, AIRD-3 is a mule. The obverse imitates the AIRD series, but the reverse design is taken from the AERD series. Some would argue that the variety does not belong in the Hart set, but Zerbe-as-M.E. Hart makes no reference to the pinch denomination in either his mailing card or frame.

NGC has also repeatedly identified the variety as a Hart set entry, e.g. Lot 1136-3386, Lot 1204-12486, Lot 1235-99399.

Most likely, the variety was struck circa-1915 for sale at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

This variety is discussed in the January 1999 issue of the Brasher Bulletin, in Jay Roe's article Zerbe's Panama-Pacific Gold Token Patterns.

Pick-Up Point

The large sun on the central reverse identifies AIRD-3.

Rarity 7
Coin turn
Head left
16 stars
Plain edge.
Diameter: 14.4mm
Weight: 1.53gm
Equivalents: Locke (2001) 2nd of 2.

Die States

Die State 1.0