California Minerva Octagonal

Types for the series are listed below.

California Minerva Octagonal One
California Minerva Octagonal 1/2
California Minerva Octagonal 1/4

California Minerva tokens are diversely dated and denominated as 1/4, 1/2, or One California Gold.
The design features the head of Minerva facing right, surrounded by stars.
The lower reverse displays a bear walking right. A wreath outlines the bear.
The motifs for the series are taken from the Great Seal of California.
The tokens were struck circa-1914 for sale at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, held in San Francisco that year.

The earliest appearance of California Minerva tokens in a Thomas Elder auction was on November 14, 1914, lots 790 and 791.

The California Minerva Octagonal series was included in the M.E. Hart's Coins of the Golden West set formed by Farran Zerbe, also sold during (or shortly after) the PPIE.